Help is right here when you need it! My Blood Bank will help you get blood when you or your dear ones require it or you can help out people who are in need instead.

Objective of the app is to looking for an mobile as well as online web-portal where blood seekers can look for donors in their nearby area who will be available in quick time. And also keep record of donors profile to evaluate quickly.


The app will connect you with other users, and will send you request notifications if someone needs help. Now you don't have to worry when you need blood for the well being of your loved ones. Help is just a click away

  • Stay updated with the notifications of any requirements of blood at any part of your area;
  • You can also send a notification if you or a loved one is in need;
  • You can define the blood type which you want to donate if someone asks for help and area from where you want to receive notifications;
  • You can find hospitals & blood banks in and around your area;
  • Set reminders for when you’re eligible to donate again;
  • Search for blood drives by location or date;
  • Book and manage appointments;
  • Share your donation on social media;
  • The system will have social media advertisement feature and also customization advertising option;